Wednesday, May 18, 2005

London to Bangkok

Leaving Istanbul was dramatic, I managed to get completely ripped off by a taxi driver who switched banknotes by sleight of hand and extorted an extra $40 from me. In all the confusion I left my coat in his taxi too, so he had a productive morning! Oh well, if this is the worst that happens while travelling as much as I do one is doing quite well.

My 24 hours in London was great (although cold without my coat and no time to buy new one). I met up with dear friend UK vocalist Jane Christie whose new CD is being programmed into Michael Parkinson's jazz program on BBC Radio, which has millions of listeners. We had a meeting with an agent about setting up a UK tour together down the track.

I am now in Bangkok enjoying the luxury of the Sheraton where I am playing on Friday and Saturday nights with ex-Ramsey Lewis Trio bassist/vocalist Eldee Young and drummer (excellent according to Eldee).


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