Monday, March 07, 2005


Well I have been in the coastal Latvian town of Liepaja (pronounced Lie-a-paya) since Friday night, mainly relaxing and meeting & greeting. First rehearsal with orchestra today. My concert is being taped by local TV and will be shown the following night and I''ll be here watching in my hotel room no doubt.

As usual in Russia and the Baltics eating too much, three delicious cooked meals a day provided, meat, potatoes, sauce. Attended the opening concert of the Festival last night, and 10 national flags were flying in the foyer of the hall representing the countries from which participating pianists hail. Took me a moment to realise that the Aussie flag was flying in my honour, and that not only was I the only Aussie performer in the Festival, I was surely the only Aussie in town. Felt quite proud and patriotic for a moment there.


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